Confessions of a Carbon Cop

Did you catch Carbon Cops on ABC TV? I didn’t. In fact I did not know about the programme until last week. Just another fascinating snippet to be learnt during one of my Science Communication tutorials.

The UWA Science Communications Programme and the Australian Science Communicators have sponsored Lish Fejer, co-presenter of the ABC TV series Carbon Cops to present a free public lecture on “energy efficiency and the importance for us, our friends, family, government and industry, to act quickly to tackle climate change”.

From the email announcement that I received:

Aimed at ordinary people, living in the ordinary house, willing to make an extraordinary difference, this talk will highlight simple actions and changes that can have a positive impact not only to your hip pocket, but also to our planet.

See how Lish, a self-confessed cowgirl and scientist from the bush, found a career in science communication which would ultimately take her onto the telly to inspire awareness and action on the big (and little) issues in our lives.

So if you are in Perth, Western Australia, on Monday 10 September, you can come and see Lish Fejer for “Confessions of a Carbon Cop”, 7:00 – 8:00pm in the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, UWA. Parking at Hackett Entrance 1, off Hackett Drive.


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