garden vegetables

What is a garden vegetable, and when is a vegetable not grown in a garden? These are the questions that came to mind when I found chicken and garden vegetable risotto in the Dairy Australia booklet that I had picked up from some where.

This is the second time that I have followed this particular recipe which includes frozen peas, baby spinach leaves, and a bunch of asparagus. I was just wondering if these three vegetables would be available in my garden at the same time.

Pea pods are just beginning to form, and the spinach leaves were baby spinach leaves as I had cut the perennial spinach plants back looking for caterpillars that were getting to sample the produce before we did. But the asparagus is no where to be seen. I was just wondering whether it is the season for asparagus, or whether it has given up on me this year. I just can’t remember when it is meant to pop up.

I’ve started my Where My Food Comes From project, but for tonights meal knew only that the spinach is out of my garden, asparagus from Argentina, and there is a good chance the Birds Eye Garden Peas are from an Australian farm as Birds Eye is a brand of Simplot Australia.


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