walking on air

Instead of just passing by the fridge and reading “Foot or Leg Pain? Think Podiatrist” on the fridge magnet, I did something about it and rang for an appointment.

At the initial appointment, I described the inconvenience and pain of waking during the night with frequent cramps in my left leg. Anton, explained the mechanics of the leg and foot, and took some rudimentary measurements to discern that my left leg was shorter than my right. He fitted out my shoe with a small heel shaped piece of foam to put in my left shoe. This was to be a simple diagnostic test to see if my situation improved over the following week.

Fortunately, the cramps diminished with the use of the temporary insert in my shoe, so I scheduled a longer consultation with the podiatrist for him to draw up a prescription for a pair of orthoses. This involved lots of marks drawn on my legs and feet, measurements, and plaster casts of my feet. I did wonder how the plaster was to be separated from my feet even though it felt warm and cosy until it was explained that the method was that of slipper casts.

I did not know what to expect, and after the initial euphoria wore off I had visions of wearing clunky brown shoes with metal straps. But then put the thought out of my mind because the relief from not having leg cramps every night was immense.

A couple of weeks later, the orthoses were ready for me having been manufactured locally. I made another appointment with Anton where he checked the fitting of the orthoses against my feet and in the shoes that I had brought along.

I can wear any shoes I like that have a heal and top strap, and you would never know that I am wearing orthoses. And because I have responded so well, it means that I can wear shoes without assistance from orthoses at other times.

Orthoses are like magic. I have not had a leg cramp for over two weeks. That is, since the day I got them. Bliss.


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