oil and water

I would not say that I have become accustomed to being treated like an idiot by car salesman and computer retailers, unfortunately I come to expect it. But I would have thought that the manufacturer of kitchen scales might have been just a little bit better.

We recently purchased a new set of scales. The criteria was that they were to be simple, i.e. no extraneous features, electronic with digital display.

The instructions for use include a section titled “To Measure Liquids and Solids”. Essentially, with the press of a button you can display g or lb/oz with ml or floz. I can cope with that, but I have always measured volume with a set of measuring cups or a measuring jug.

The “NOTE” bothered me. I know that one millilitre of water is not going to be the same weight as a millilitre of oil. Why tell me that oil is “not water based” with a suggested fudge factor of plus 50ml per 500ml of oil. Some scales can calculate the kilojoules per weight of different types of food. Instead of a note in the instructions for use, why not include an oil conversion button on the scale?

Anyhow, I have looked through some of my recipe books and they all provide volume measures of oil. So I will continue to use my measuring cups and jug for oil when I need to be more accurate than a splash in the pan.


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