cup fungi

Cup Fungi is as close as this one week amateur mycologist can get to identifying the fungi that appeared on our sandy side verge in South Perth, Western Australia.

I looked and looked and looked in the PUBF Field Book, but was not able to agree that what I saw was in the field book.

I have Googled, and this is as close as I can get. Although, my fungi appears to be sometimes gregarious and loses its cup like shape, it also appears as individuals.

The fungi have appeared after a week of light showers in a region that had some trees planted with surrounding mulch, then taken away. I’m guessing that it is the mulch that has provided this show of fungi.

I’m also guessing that it is the same fungi, just at different stages.

Having found a button on the camera today that allows me to take close ups, yes I know I’m a happy snappy, but H did think I knew about this ‘feature’ considering the camera is mostly used to take pictures of printed circuit boards.

If it is fine tomorrow, I might carefully excavate one of the fungi to see if it has any other redeeming features that may assist me to use an identification key.

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