step of thyme

I usually call such days a Puss Day, that is, a day where the cats follow me around and or luxuriate in the sun. It certainly was Caturday today as well as the first day of Spring.

Shelby and the Cat From Over the Road kept me company today as I plodded around the garden. Sometimes they helped by paffing what part of the garden I was working with, checked out the passers-by to make sure I was not going to get distracted chatting, or laid nearby to keep an eye on me.

The creeping thyme that has surrounded the first step is beginning to get flowers. Soon I will be looking to mow it, so that it continues to grow nice and thick. It is lovely to walk on and to smell the scent.

Creeping Thyme

Today I filled the bin with the last of the Honeysuckle pruning. This activity has taken six weeks, i.e. six bins full.

I have taken some cuttings from the Honeysuckle, but they are neither dead or thriving. Just in case, I have left one branch of the Honeysuckle until I see that some of the cuttings have taken.

There have been pea pods for a week or so, but this is the first and I’m wondering how long to leave it before I eat it. The seeds that I interplanted a few weeks ago have also started to sprout.


I am discovering that I have more purple daisies than first thought. A couple have popped up in the front verge, so I have been transplanting them to another place in the garden with the purpose of creating a mass planting of just purple since they appear to be not as common as the white.

Today I pruned the rosemary bush again. Only five out of 42 survived from the previous batch. I think it may have been the cold as I remember it was less than 5 deg C the week that I took the previous cuttings. Hopefully, these more green cuttings will survive and thrive.

The Sweet Marjoram in a hanging basket was beginning to flower. But I gave it a bit of a prune as we had not been using this herb much and it was getting a bit straggly. I stuck the cuttings in the ground along the outside curve of the front path.

I also pruned the native creeper (Kennedia nigricans) that has reached the top of the fence with one branch or tendril. Other tendrils are also making their way up the twine I have tied in a fan shape on the fence. The cuttings have been planted in a pot to see if they will take.

As I made my way around the garden today I noticed:

  • The Ginkgo Biloba tree buds have begun to sprout leaves.
  • The Grape Vine transplanted from a neighbours garden has sprouted, as have the cuttings that I took.
  • Many more of the Pussy Willow cuttings have got leaves in addition or in place of flowers.
  • Everlasting flowers beginning to show, but not near the 100 plants that I expected.
  • Five rose bushes have flower buds.
  • Many more flowers on the Grapefruit tree. This may be the result of applying cheap washing powder and Blood ‘n’ Bone a couple of weeks ago as advised by Dad.

I feel that Spring has sprung today. And, and, there is a different fungi on the side verge. I don’t know what it is, but it is not a Dog Vomit Slime Mould.


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