uni week 06

This Friday’s session started with a presentation by Sue Stocklmayer from ANU, The Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS).

Sue provided an overview of CPAS including their role as the accredited Centre for the Australian National Commission for UNESCO and The Shell Questacon Science Circus (Graduate Diploma).

Questions asked during the session were:

  • Why should the public know about science?
  • Who communicates science to whom?
  • With what purpose do they communicate?
  • What should be our goals?

I feel that if we had all the answers then there would be no need for science communication 🙂

Jan Dook then led the next session about interpretation. This was a continuation from the previous week that I missed.

The most difficult task with regard to interpretation is creating a theme on which to base the interpretation topic, key message, and content. We had some homework and tutorial practice at this in preparation for a later assignment of planning and conducting a guided walk.

One of the constraints of the assignment is that the guided walk needs to happen at UWA or within a 5km radius. Many environment examples come to mind, but I would like to explore other science themes for guided walks. So yes, I’m looking for ideas.

The recommended text for interpretation is Ham, S.H. (1992). Environmental Interpretation. A practical guide for people with big ideas and small budgets. Colorado, US: Fulcrum Publishing. It has disappeared from the library, but fortunately I was able to find it at The Book Depository. Yippee, another parcel to look forward to.


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