local eating

Inspired to create menus and cook with close-to-home food by the 100 Mile Diet has led me to at least think of where our food comes from.

100 miles being approximately 160 kilometres, I realised straight away that being in South Perth, Western Australia that I would need to broaden the scope of local eating to start off with. Just about everything is flown or trucked in from hundreds if not thousands of kilometres away.

I don’t have a nifty map like the 100 Mile Diet members, so I thought I would start with food that is grown or raised in Western Australia and work from there. I’ve already have a small feeling of loss of not buying the pineapples trucked in from Queensland that are available in abundance here.

The next, or should I say the first challenge is being able to identify where our food comes from. Thinking about tonights meal, I only know that the Barramundi came from Cairns, Queensland. But I don’t know where the butter, pine nuts, tomatoes, cucumber or apple came from. I only know about the fish because H asked the fish shop owner.

The butter no longer has its wrapper, the pine nuts state ‘useful’ nutritional information and that they are “Packed fresh on the premises!”, and none of the salad vegetables or fruit came with any indicators of their origin.

I don’t like shopping, but perhaps seeking where our food comes from may make it more interesting in addition to it becoming a more protracted affair. Growing our own food is looking more and more attractive.


2 thoughts on “local eating

  1. I started by only buying fruit and vegetables that were “grown in wa” or whatever. I look at all the packaging of the other stuff that I buy, and I’m at the point where most of the time I can find something that is a product of WA. Sometimes I know that I can’t get it grown/produced local, though, so I satisfy myself with the Australia tag. I haven’t bought anything that was produced over seas in a while now, and I really, really miss berries. :o(

  2. @Stephanie
    Thank you for letting me know that pursuing WA, or at least an Australian source of fruit and vegetables is possible. I really don’t like shopping, but if there is a potential successful outcome of being able to buy WA or Australian, then I can look forward to it. I really don’t need anymore shopping challenges 🙂

    Recently I bought some u beaut ordinary brown onions, and they had come all the way from California!

    I can empathise with you about the berries. When we were in London, I discovered Sainsburys. I remember one occasion where I had a night in, i.e. I did not go out with the tour group. I bought a half-bottle of Veuve Clicquot (just because I could) and bags of all different types of berries. And because I thought I better buy something for tea, I got some yoghurt too 🙂 Back at the hotel I scoffed almost the whole lot while watching the Scarlet Pimpernel on the television. And I would have drunk all the Veuve if H hadn’t come back early 🙂

    But who knows how far the berries come from that end up in Sainsburys. I must admit that was not my primary consideration at the time.

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