Dog Vomit Slime Mould

Yay ( I think), there is another Dog Vomit Slime Mould (Fuligo Septica) in the front garden. Not as impressive as the first two, but at least I got a picture of its initial stage.

According to the link that OGiRl provided in the YGG Forum, the honeycomb appearance is the second stage, and the browning off is the third stage.

The Field Book that the Perth Urban Bushland Fungi (PUBF) group has collated includes some amazing fungi and moulds of different shapes and colours. What is even more fascinating, is the common names that are assigned based on the characteristics and appearance.

There is a disc shaped fungus that has appeared in the sheep manure that Dad gave me, but I’ll have to get a photograph of that when I have more light and less rain.

I can see why groups such as PUBF are active. The science of fungi or mycology in your own back yard (or front yard) is great fun. Apparently the best time to see fungi in the Perth region is “after the onset of substantial Autumn rains”, i.e. now!


4 thoughts on “Dog Vomit Slime Mould

  1. @pussreboots
    If you’re considered weird, then I am too. Armed with new batteries in my camera, I’m going to take pictures of the slime mould until I can’t see it changing anymore 🙂

    Wrt names, get hold of a field book. The PUBF Field Book lists fungi with names such as Earth Tongues, Underground Dog Poo, Egg Yolk Fungus, Curry Punk, Red Fingers, etc. The mind doth boggle.

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