orange blobs

Eeewww. One of these appeared in our garden a couple of weeks ago. It was bright bright orange the first day, and then it turned yellow brown the next day.

On the weekend I scraped away the mulch and buried it in the sand and recovered with the mulch. It reappeared where I covered it over as if it has seeped through. It may have been orange before it was brown, but I don’t know this as I didn’t go out into the garden yesterday.

Today I noticed another similar orange blob around the cumquat tree and a little nearby and on the retaining wall. It is the colour and consistency of honeycomb.

I obviously don’t know enough about mycology as my search terms did not show anything conclusive. But I did find the Western Australian Herbarium and Perth Urban Bushland Fungi. The WA Herbarium is near to us so I’ll ring up and see if they are willing to accept an email from me with an accompanying photographs. I really would like to know how to get rid of the stuff and it goes like tar and then very fine and powdery. Also, it’s icky to have it appear in huge blobs in the front garden.

The neighbours already think I’m strange for growing fruiting trees and vegetables in the front garden. I wonder what they think of the new gate crashers 🙂


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