no smoke and over proof

We went to the Perth Blues Club (PBC) last night for the first time in ages. Not to see the bands in particular, but just to go and enjoy the music and the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is a lot less smoky now being “smoke free”, but the airconditioner still pumps smoke from other parts of the hotel, so it can tickle the back of your throat if you are not used to it. But at least I didn’t have to undress outside when I got home and leave my clothes outside this time 🙂

It was my turn to be the designated driver, so it was tonic water for me, and H settled for a dry cider. We drunk our first drinks while watching the very old movie and gig clips of mostly Blues musicians.

Over Proof came on first and played for over an hour. They were a very mixed bag, but they played hard and sung well, and got the audience tapping along and some up to dance. They are playing up at the Greenmount Hall in October as part of the “60s & 70s Rock n Blues Peace Night” where they are on with Bad Brett Hardwick, and The Loose Unit. Warning: There is a ticket price for adults and children, so it looks like a bit of a family night.

They put the video back on during the changeover. Unfortunately, this blocked the view to the other band setting up. For whatever reason, I like watching the equipment being set up and the band members getting ready.

What I enjoy most about the PBC is that people of all ages are welcome and the club members and regulars are very friendly. It really is a great place to just go and enjoy blues music, have a drink, and dance. Also, you can do all the usual things that you do at a pub, as you can walk in and out of the PBC venue into other parts of the Charles Hotel. Snooker anyone?

We had dinner before going to the club as the previous choice of hot dogs, crisps or nuts didn’t last well if we wanted to stay until the pumpkin hour. There is now a more varied food menu, and the dishes we saw looked very tasty so we may even eat there if we are running late.

On the way home we had to take a detour around a very wobbly fellow that had decided to leave his car at the lights and walk home. He looked a little more than just pissed, more pissed off, so I guess the other two cars in the other two lanes were right to put on their hazards and let him do his thing. Which was to shut the car doors, steady himself against the car then attempt to walk confidently across the intersection.

Next week the night starts a little earlier as the programme is full with Gary Cox, Dr Charlie and Empire Blues.


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