you know when you’re geek when …

… you get persuaded into attending a talk on Xen and Virtualisation instead of going to the Perth Blues Club (PBC).

But it won’t happen next week.

One, because there is no PLUG meeting next week. Two, because Gerard Maunick is not on 🙂

The PBC AGM is on next week beforehand, so the music and bopping does not start until a little after 9pm, but I think we’ll cope.

With regard to Xen and virtualisation. Thanks to Adrian C, who gave the PLUG talk at the meeting last night, I know a lot more about it. The talk was well structured, and I enjoyed the historical and theory of the different virtualisation tools. It created a good base for understanding the implementation of Xen, as explained near the end of the evening.

I think my brain began to melt about half way through though. But this would happen even if a good movie was 120 minutes long, as I can’t sit still for that long without getting the fidgets. Adrian stimulated questions throughout his talk, and was interesting and compelling speaker until we got called because the pizza was getting cold.

5 thoughts on “you know when you’re geek when …

  1. @Alan

    The image of Susan Greenfield included in a previous article (week 04) was obtained from the Space for Ideas Press Centre.

    The Press Centre explains how to download the hi-resolution versions for the Mac or Windows. It does not request that you ask permission or state who to attribute credits too. I linked to the source image from the name of the author in my article, in this case Susan Greenfield.

    I would suggest that you contact Space for Ideas and request them to add any attributions or credits.

    In the meantime I will edit the original article to more clearly state the source of the image.

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  3. regarding ‘you know you’re a geek when…’
    obviously you have NO IDEA what good music is if you don’t enjoy the musical talents of GERARD MAUNICK. i’m guessing you’re one of those ‘dance groupies’ that enjoy ‘bopping’ to useless SHIT….. why don’t you GROW A BRAIN and GET A LIFE…… ps: your page is such a bore. just a lot of dribble about nothing!!!!!!

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