uni week 03

Nancy took us through characteristics of an ideal exhibit, including some more stuff about labels. The main reference being Beverly Serrell’s Exhibit Labels: An Interpretative Approach, which lucky me got from The Book Depository – ordered on Friday and received the following Friday. I also got Judging Exhibitions: A Framework for Assessing Excellence while I was at it.

We then discussed further our plans for the Science Communication exhibit at the UWA Expo. I had sketched the area for our exhibit and circulated the quotes that I thought would make up the window display that I had committed to preparing. Unfortunately, a couple of people agreed that some of the quotes were long, but did not suggest alternatives. Although, Nancy did suggest one from Steve Irwin, and also suggested that I look up Julian Cribb, Founding President of the Australian Science Communicators.

Apart from each of us making a checklist of what we needed for the exhibit and what we would bring the following Friday, I did not feel confident that enough decisions were made as a group. This probably means a flurry of emails between the group leading up to the day. Fortunately, much of the work on the window display is autonomous.

We then went for a walk in the rain to the Edward de Courcy Clarke Earth Science Museum. There, the Curator, Jenny Bevan, gave us a behind the scenes at the museum tour and talked about the types of activities that she is involved in on a day to day basis. A very very busy lady. I didn’t know rocks and minerals could be so interesting!


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