Dad gives me shit

Well, only occasionally. This time it was sheep manure to put towards establishing a new vegetable plot.

I was going to use it to start where I wanted to plant some parsnip seeds. But having read up about growing parsnips, I realised that I would need to sift the sand soil, otherwise the parsnips do not grow into nice conical shapes. There are quite a few lumps of limestone and shells in the garden soil.

The limestone is mainly from the building and weathering of the limestone wall. The shells are from when the Swan River extended that much further or had a different course – or so I was told by someone who is old enough to have seen our house being built in 1928.

Instead, the very very large bag of manure was spread out on part of the triangular bed in front of the house, i.e. where the gladioli pop up each year. I had already planted garlic bulbs and left room to create a back drop of tomato plants. I’m thinking now of planting some runner beans and sweet corn. But as Dad says, I better be quick, there is only two more weeks of Winter according to the calendar.

News on the pea front, is that I have my first pods and they are steadily growing up the trellis supports. On weeding around the pea plants I noticed that some flat-leaved parsley seedlings have self sown from the potted parsley plants that Dad gave last year.

In other garden news, one of my Cymbidium orchids has a flower spike. Unfortunately, the caterpillars or snails spotted it first, so there are only a few buds left 😦


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