Leading up to and during the first week of semester I attended several workshops at uni. Four by a Visiting Scholar, and one by a regular presenter with the Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

I attended four sessions presented by Professor Karl Ritz:

How to Succeed as an Academic in the Global Research Community

The picture of an octopus juggling the various parts of research and academia was expanded with practical ways to successfully manage and balance these tasks. Karl interspersed his presentation with anecdotes based on his experience that often illustrated the pertinent points in a humorous fashion.

Communicating Your Science to the Public

Some people thought that this was a strange workshop for me to attend, given that I am currently engaged in postgraduate studies of Science Communication. The reason I attended is that my experience and study is largely based on a USA and Australian perspective. Karl’s experience is UK or European based.

However, Karl did comment that what he would be presenting in three hours is a course of study that can take years. I don’t know how many slides he displayed during the presentation, but there would have been at least one for each unit that is available in an undergraduate and or postgraduate course in Science Communication at UWA.

Delivering a Scientific Presentation

In hindsight, this is one workshop that I felt I did not need to attend. But in a way, it was good to be able to again have material that I already know presented in a slightly different way with new examples from a different perspective.

Papercraft: Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals

This workshop was not the most useful to me at this time as I mis-read the stated outcomes. I generally know the publishing cycle and thought that the presentation would be more about the preparation and writing of a paper, i.e. papercraft. However, it was interesting to attend from the point of view of the questions asked and the subsequent discussion.

Tama Leaver facilitated a four hour workshop titled Seminars and Tutorials. I enjoyed this session very much having not previously attended any formal instruction about the facilitation of small group sessions. Perhaps it suited my learning style, i.e. interactive and hands-on.


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