July reads

Running Book

I was busy this month catching up on work and real life between university semesters, so only four books read this month. I’m not sure how I managed it, but three of the four books are about dysfunctional families.

After reading any of the three, either you will feel very low and or realise that there are some really unpleasant people who fortunately are not part of your family. Unfortunately, they belong to someone’s family and there is still the possibility that you may have the opportunity to meet.

Falling Leaves and Fall on Your Knees I purchased some years ago when I was a member of a book club. Charmed Circle and David Harum were from a box of books from my Grandad.

“I understand,” said David, “an’ if I had my life to live over agin, knowin’ what I do now, I’d do diff’rent in a number o’ ways. I often think,” he proceeded, as he took a pull at the cigar and emitted the smoke with a chewing movement of his mouth, “of what Andy Brown used to say. Andy was a curious kind of a customer ‘t I used to know up to Syrchester. He liked good things, Andy did, an’ didn’t scrimp himself when they was to be had–that is, when he had the go-an’-fetch-it to git ’em with. He used to say, ‘Boys, whenever you git holt of a ten-dollar note you want to git it _into_ ye or _onto_ ye jest ‘s quick ‘s you kin. We’re here to-day an’ gone to-morrer,’ he’d say, ‘an’ the’ ain’t no pocket in a shroud,’ an’ I’m dum’d if I don’t think sometimes,” declared Mr. Harum, “that he wa’n’t very fur off neither. ‘T any rate,” he added with a philosophy unexpected by his hearer, “‘s I look back, it ain’t the money ‘t I’ve spent fer the good times ‘t I’ve had ‘t I regret; it’s the good times ‘t I might ‘s well ‘ve had an’ didn’t. I’m inclined to think,” he remarked with an air of having given the matter consideration, “that after Adam an’ Eve got bounced out of the gard’n they kicked themselves as much as anythin’ fer not havin’ cleaned up the hull tree while they was about it.”

I haven’t yet wild released any books that I read in July. But perhaps now that I’m back at uni I’ll get them off to new readers soon.


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