light my fire

Ok, so 10 deg C is not so cold for Winter in some parts of the world. But it’s bloody cold for Perth, Western Australia.

10 deg C is about the temperature that I want the fire lit. Shelby and Midnight think so too.

If the fire is not lit, I’m off to be under my doona. So far, our new wool doona is still very cosy without any room heating even when the temperatures gets down to 4 deg C.

Like many houses in Western Australia, they are not built to maintain heat, but to reflect the heat from the outside. According to The Digger’s Club’s climate maps, Perth has 270 days/year above 15 deg C, with 90 days/year above 30 deg C. Bliss.


2 thoughts on “light my fire

  1. H often reminds me that the pusses have fur coats 🙂

    Thanks for the link. Although, I couldn’t believe reading “Ideal for feral cats”. Here, feral cats (and foxes) are controlled/eradicated with a naturally occurring poison called 1080 through the Western Shield programme.

    Shelby and Midnight get to share the doona until lights out. After that, they get to play musical pillow/cat house.

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