Daisy, Daisy!


As planned, approximately 550 seedlings later, I have changed the front verge of bare sand into a mass planting of Blue-eyed Daisies.

I was going to follow the planting density for the Agapanthus, but then found it easier to mark lines with a pine board and the length of my hand trowel and shove them in. There will be a few that I will need to replace. Some where the stems were too long from growing towards the light under the roses, or because they were planted in haste because it started to chuck it down with rain.

There are still several hundred seedlings in the rose bed, so I won’t go short of any replacements. The plan is to get it established ready for the onslaught of the visitors to the Red Bull Air Race that has been advertised for 3 and 4 of November. Apparently there were 200,000 spectators last year. Let’s hope that this year they respect the fact that just because their Dalkeith tractor can drive on the verge, doesn’t mean that they park on the verge!

While looking up the species name for Blue-eyed Daisy, I found www.vintagecomputermusic.com which includes the audio (complete) from the LP record First Philadelphia Computer Music Festival, published by Creative Computing in 1979. It includes Bell Laboratories’ synthesized computer speech demonstration of 1963 featuring Daisy, Daisy! (MP3)


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