Icedove – annoyances

“It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is my motto as far software applications or programmes are concerned.

However, if the ‘default’ preferences change, is that considered to be broken?

To display an email message in a separate window, in all the time that I have been using Thunderbird, I have double-clicked the left mouse button. This doesn’t happen in the version of Icedove (version on Debian Etch) that I am currently using. Each message that I select (double-click left mouse button) replaces the email message in an existing message window.

Thinks. Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced. Ah ha. Found it under the ‘General’ tab: “Open new messages in:”. This preference was set to “An existing message window”. It has since been changed (back ?) to “A new message window”.

Somewhat related is the nuisance of draft messages being overwritten. How I used to draft messages:

  1. draft a message
  2. save the draft message
  3. select the message and choose ‘Edit message as new’
  4. tweak/customise the new draft message
  5. save the customised draft message

Repeat steps 3-5 until finished. I can’t do this now.

The default message continues to be replaced with the latest version of the draft message. I haven’t found any preference that allows me to change how this ‘new feature’ works.

I’ve had a bit of a look around, but not a concerted effort at this stage. I’m not sure whether this is just how it now works, i.e. new feature, or whether it is a bug. Either way, if it is not a preference, I will need to change the way I draft similar messages.


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