who’s blogging and who’s reading them?

This was the question asked on Radio National’s Saturday Extra programme presented by Geraldine Doogue on the 23 June.They ask the question; So who’s blogging and who’s reading them?

The guests were Nicholas Gruen (Club Troppo) and Julie Shiels (City traces). Where were representatives of Australian Blogs or The Australian Index?

While listening, 62:20 minutes into to the 81:37 minutes programme (sea_20070623.mp3, 37.4 Mb) I thought that they answered their own questions. There is also a certain amount of cringe factor and naivety. 150 visitors/day – wow!

But in answer to the initial programme questions. After waking up to the news on the radio, I check the blogosphere FIRST. Then if I have anytime left over, I may listen to what organisations choose to programme and broadcast, for example, ABC’s Radio National. But then I follow this up with further research – often on the internet.

Was it Tim Berners-Lee that said every blog has at least 15 readers or subscribers?


I’m now beginning to think about subjects that I know something about. Are they similarly being misinterpreted and or presented?

Also, from Berners-Lee on the read/write web:

“A good blogger when he says that something’s happened will have a point to back, and there’s a certain ethos within the blogging community, you always point to your source, you point all the way back to the original article.”


4 thoughts on “who’s blogging and who’s reading them?

  1. @jpmcc
    Googling for how you remember it, finds; Most blogs have precisely one reader – the blogger themself.” attributed to Eric Schmidt.

    My reference to fifteen readers or subscribers was definitely made or referred to a few months ago on the internets 🙂 I remember reading the blog of a colleague who had stated within a day or two of the magic number fifteen, that they had fifteen regular readers. Ah ha I thought, so-and-so was right.

    I’ll have another look. Gotta be able to “point all the way back to the original article” ;-P

  2. You weren’t the only person that was disatisfied with the interview. I suggest you contact Radio National with your suggestions. I understand Nick Gruyen is going to do a regular segment on blogging and it would be a pity if it didn’t have a broad focus.
    However an interview is only as good as the questions that are asked, unlike the web where the author controls the information that is delivered, so all media has it’s limitation.

  3. @julie

    Thank you for your reply.

    I agree with your reply and while I knew of Club Troppo, I had not visited City traces prior to listening to the radio programme. I enjoyed visiting your blog and looking at the photographs.

    I’ll re-visit the Radio National web site and see if it is still timely to leave a comment. I think it would be great if any regular segment on blogging was to include something like triple j’s Unearthed.

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