peas please

On the 10 June I planted 20 garden pea seeds. 20 days later I have 20 pea plants that have two to three pairs of leaves. Although I may have to correct this to 19 soon, as one looks a bit sickly.

Today, H re-grouted the holes that contain the supports for the mesh stands that are fixed to the limestone wall. He said that in a couple of days time that the mesh could be replaced.

I think the pea plants are going to be the determining factor. They appear to be growing a couple of leaves every day.


4 thoughts on “peas please

  1. You’re lucky. You know that exciting moment when the first little pea seedling breaks the surface of the soil? That’s like a big flashing neon signpost for the mice, saying “there’s a nice juicy pea here, just ready for your dinner”…

  2. I haven’t seen any mice for ages, but perhaps that is because I haven’t had the signs out 🙂

    Here, snails and birds are the competitors for our home produce. Snails I can usually get either by stealth or snail bait. Birds, well that is a tricky one. We have tended to attract the birds (mostly native) with plants that they like and providing water.

    The birds like our tomatoes. Haven’t had pea plants before to know whether they will like peas.

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