on a wet weekend

It was forecast and is a wet weekend, so I decided to bring in all the rosebuds and rose flowers into the house. Lucky me has two full vases of scented colourful roses, one small vase of four red rosebuds, and a bowl of rose flowers that have opened up over the weekend.

I also managed to deadhead all the rose bushes in between showers.

The light was not good for taking photographs, but I did dig out what records I had of establishing the rose garden. I can identify all but one (white double and sometimes red stain on one or more petals) of the rose plants. They are all Hybrid Teas except for one, which is a David Austin.

Shrub roses
Olive McKenzie
Double Delight
Pink Kardinal
Holtermann’s Gold
Kentucky Derby

The Squire (David Austin rose)
Just Joey
Princess Margaret

Just Joey and Princess Margaret are vigorous and prolific with their flowers.

Vase of Princess Margaret roses

I also got to put down some snail bait, just in time for the pea seeds that have sprouted. Yay! Nineteen out of twenty seeds have put up a stem and two leaves. In a couple of weeks time I will plant some more seeds. I like peas 🙂


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