creeping on the shed

Thanks to Brenn in the You Grow Girl Plant Identification forum, I agree that the creeper on the shed is a Senecio.


This is a picture of my leafy creeper’s yellow flowers, happening early winter for us here in Western Australia.


I thought it was Senecio tamoides based on the picture on this page. But then I saw a picture of Senecio tamoides on this page so now I’m not so sure.

The Senecio are a huge group. So, I’m still on the search to identify which is the one on our shed.


2 thoughts on “creeping on the shed

  1. could it be Senecio angulatus? if so you may be interested in this information too

    We live on the east coast and last year we saw only a couple of flowers high up in a tree, but this year there is currently a profusion of yellow flowers festooning a number of trees next to our home. Doesn’t seem so pretty now I know its an invasive weed.

    Hope this was of some help.


  2. Thank you for the link, Michele. I have looked at the pictures, and they are not the same, but very similiar. I will certainly check further as I don’t want to be responsible for disseminating a weedy plant.

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