CRCA 2007: Media Launch

Professor Lyn Beazley and Mark Woffenden

Mark Woffenden, Conference Chair and CEO Parker Centre CRC introduced Professor Lyn Beazley, Chief Scientist of Western Australia to the small gathering outside the CRCA Conference Media Room.

Professor Beazley gave a short and enthusiastic speech, and warmly welcomed everyone to the conference. This launch speech I think was meant to be published, but I have not found it anywhere online yet. [1]

However, the items that interested me were the references to the Early Career Scientists, and the statement that minds and heart were the best combination for a research scientist.

The audience mainly consisted of Communications Advisors, Education & Training Managers, and Science Communication students from UWA, me being one of them. It was explained that most journalists had already chosen their ‘talent’ to fit their audience, and would be present at various times during the conference.

CRCA 2007 Conference Media Kit

There were a number of media kits available including a copy of each of the media releases in digital and hardcopy, keynote and some Early Career Scientists abstracts, and photographs of the keynote speakers and one of the Early Career Scientists. It’s a shame that more photographs were not included as there was generally more interest in the Early Career Scientists from radio and print media.

The Media Room was used as the area to facilitate communications with the media, including the distribution of media statements, media liaison, and coordination of interviews.

A landline was not always available and most of the interviewees were required to use their mobile phone. But the interviewees that I saw took this in their stride, even when the interview was a live radio broadcast.

[1] I held off posting in the hope I would find Professor Beazley’s speech so that I could include a link.


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