gone soupy

Once it gets to approximately 10 deg C minimum with 20 deg C maximum days, it really is winter in Western Australia. It is soupy weather.

Over the last couple of weeks I have made four types of soup following recipes that I have not tried before.

  • fast vegetable soup
  • It was fast, but the ‘Celery, lettuce leaves, turnips, pumpkin, beans, zucchini, parsley, or anything else found lying around in the refrigerator’ meant going to the grocer as we never have anything left over. We both dislike shopping enough to do it efficiently each week.

  • black-eyed bean and sausage soup
  • This was very quick to make as you roughly chop the onions and pumpkin to roast in the oven with garlic before combining with the other ingredients. We had this as an entree prior to dinner, then for lunch the following day. We both decided that we didn’t need the grilled chipolata sausage.

  • carrot and cumin soup
  • This was meant to be accompanied with slow-roasted tomatoes. But since I was cooking it for lunch during a working day, it was minus the slow-roasted tomatoes. I wasn’t able to get any basil for the tomatoes anyway. This soup turned out more of a potage, quite different to the picture that displayed a much thinner soup.

  • potato soup (ajiaco)
  • This was decadent after the much healthier soups earlier in the week. Includes full-cream milk, cream cheese, and eggs.

If you follow the links above, I have typed them up in OpenOffice.org Writer and exported as PDFs for future reference. All of the recipes can be found in New Food: From the New Basics to the New Classics by Jill Dupleix and Mexican Cooking: Including Latin American & Caribbean Recipes by Susan Bensusan.

The best thing about making soup is left-overs. Into the freezer, for ‘from the freezer to the microwave to the table’ for lunches at other times.


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