cardboard to bottlebrush

image scarlet bottlebrush

The skincare samples that I was given at the Jurlique counter in David Jones a couple of weeks ago were presented to me in a cardboard pouch.

I have two samples, each in a different cardboard pouch. What is special about the cardboard is that it is impregnated with tiny seeds. The seeds are Willow Bottlebrush and Scarlet Bottlebrush.

My small bit of research shows that neither of these bottlebrush plants are going to be small, i.e. anything from a shrub to a small to medium tree. They will not be suitable for our teeny garden, but perhaps I can use them as a street tree to plant on our verge – council permitting. Or, if I cannot use them on the verge, perhaps I can find a good home for them once they are a reasonable size.

The Willow Bottlebrush appears to be consistently called a Callistemon-salignus, whereas the Scarlet Bottlebrush turns up a couple of names; Callistemon phoeniceus and Callistemon rugulosus.

The instructions read:

“Soak pouch in water until soft. Place pouch on seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Cover with more mix, water, nurture and keep moist. Shoots should appear in 7-21 days.”

So here goes.

  1. Soak in water.
  2. Lay on seed-raising mix.
  3. Cover with some more seed-raising mix.
  4. See which seeds come up first, Willow Bottlebrush or Scarlet Bottlebrush. Oh noes, I didn’t label which was which. Bother.

Scarlet Bottlebrush Flowers: Dennis Haugen,


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