uni week 13

This week was the last teaching week and included two talks by guest speakers, and a lecture tutorial session on the last day of semester.

On Tuesday, Susannah Eliott, CEO, Australian Science Media Centre presented a talk mostly about the centre. Situated in Adelaide, South Australia it is based on Susan Greenfield’s Science Media Centre initiative in the UK.

Thursday I went to hear a talk by Jackie Walsh, Communications Advisor, CSIRO Petroleum. This was a presentation about being a science communicator, and was being filmed to make into a short documentary for schools.

Both Susannah Eliott and Jackie Walsh were interesting and engaging speakers, and I may return to their talks at some other time.

Friday was the last of three bike journeys for the week. There was no formal lecture as we were to present our evaluation reports about the Cooperative Research Centres Association Conference (CRCA Conference) and our participation.

We ended up not giving our individual talks as we did for the previous assignment. That is, ten minutes each to present our findings. Instead, we sat outdoors and Nancy took a round robin approach and asked us questions where we each gave one answer. This format got those fellow students off the hook who had not prepared anything for the session 🙂 Whereas, I was juggling the presentation I had prepared on my knee, to provide only those answers that I had included in my report.

This assignment is mostly done in that the outline and substance is there. I just need the examples, numbers, and references to be included and checked. No exams for me and all assignments are due, then that’s it for me for this semester. Although I may go to some talks presented by other students between times.

I’m already enrolled for next semester, but I may need to do some re-organisation as the course is changing next year (again), and some units are being merged and or separated. Only seven more weeks before the next semester begins 🙂


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