playing in the dirt

I had hoed and forked about a third of our front verge a couple of months ago. Yesterday and today, I hoed and forked my way to completion. Yay!

It was quite satisfying to turn over the dirt and pull out the matted dead couch grass.

There was only one small patch of couch that is still alive, so I’ll have to keep an eye on that. Otherwise, we can consider the couch removed – totally.

I’m thinking of leaving the verge until next Autumn to plant as we would like it, i.e. Agapanthus underplanted with pink trailing Geraniums. Also, got to think about and redo the irrigation.

Shasta Daisy

In the meantime, there are Blue-eyed Daisy plants (white with blue centres) on the outside of the rose garden, and they are growing with no watering and in bare sand. I used to have a few violet coloured ones too, but they seem to have disappeared for the moment.

I thought I might plant out the daisy seedlings that have sprung up in the rose garden. There are well over a hundred seedlings, so there is more than enough to cover the whole verge. It will help keep the weeds down that tend to grow up during winter while I keep an eye on that last piece of couch.

Although I like looking at my verge completely weeded and removed of couch grass, I think it will look nicer as a mini field of daisies.

Note: The green you can see in the bottom left of the picture are some of the Blue-eyed Daisy/African Daisy (Osteospermum fruticosum) seedlings that have made their own way there from across the footpath.


3 thoughts on “playing in the dirt

  1. I previously identified this plant as an Arctotis using the common name “African Daisy”.

    Have since added the other common name “Blue-eyed Daisy” so they are not confused with another African Daisy (Senecio pterophorus) plant which is considered to be a significant weed in some regions of Australia.

    I’m still not sure that the blue-eyed daisies that I have are not Arctotis, but I do know that they are definitely not the weed described and pictured on the web site.

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