lush packaging

Lush packaging it is not, but the product promises to be sumptuous.

Prompted by reading Teri‘s discussion about packaging and bagging of grocery items, and Stephanie‘s notice about Lush’s offer to swap your shampoo bottle for a sample of bar shampoo, off I went to Garden City to visit the Lush store.

I don’t go to shopping centres very much as I don’t like shopping, but I braved the underground parking, walky escalator thingies, and looked at the centre directory so that I could make my way to the two shops that I wanted to visit; Lush and David Jones.

The young woman that served me in the Lush shop was excited to see me come in with my empty shampoo bottle.

I explained that I had found out about the offer through reading a web log and visiting their web site. I think the Lush store is amazing. Everything just looks good enough to eat, and maybe you could, if you were really desperate, even vegans. The scents of the different products, really are luscious without mingling or being overpowering – fresh really.

I exchanged my supermarket bought shampoo bottle for half a bar of Karma Komba. As a bonus, I also was given a sample of Veganese conditioner.

The bar shampoo packaging included a printed paper wrapper, sticky label with name, ingredients and bar code, recyclable plastic bag, and card discount voucher.

Unfortunately, while I was delighted with an additional sample of conditioner, it came in a non-recyclable plastic container. I definitely will be checking if the real product comes in a recycleable container or I will feel that I won’t have gained much.

The combination of a David Jones gift voucher and knowing that they have a Jurlique counter, I went there to purchase some lavender essential oil. David Jones was just round the corner from Lush, and the Jurlique counter was just about straight in the door. The one I went in, anyway. I got two bottles of lavender as I was informed that it was only going to be available from the concept stores in the future. There is a Jurlique store in Hay St, Perth, but I don’t know when I’m next going to be there, hence the double purchase.

Jurlique don’t have fancy packaging either, but it is not as rudimentary as Lush. Jurlique’s products also smell absolutely gorgeous because they also use herbs and plant extracts.The other thing that Lush and Jurlique have in common, is no testing on animals.

I just wish I could have a go at extracting my own essential oils from the herbs I grow around my home, such as rosemary and lavender. I think it would be cool to set up my own still in the laundry. Having just paid $18 for the lavender essential oil, it may be worth some serious consideration.


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