pets and plants

Tomorrow morning will start with a bike ride to Kings Park for the Friends of Kings Park May Plant Sale. I missed the March Plant Sale due to lots of other things on, but I’m deliberately riding my bike so that it minimises any temptation to purchase as the garden is not ready for planting. There is a list of plants (.xls 190 Kb) available, some rare and endangered if you are into that type of thing. I’ve got my eye on a Chorizema diversifolium and or a Kennedia nigricans; both climbers.

Our ride home from the Plant Sale will be partly along the Swan River foreshore and Mitchell Park, so we are going to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk too. We don’t have a dog, and none of our three cats will walk with us, but it doesn’t matter as I want to check out the displays and all the types of pets (mainly dogs) that come out for the walk. Often, there are dog training displays which are always fun to watch.

My favourite type of dog is still the Australian Cattle Dog, so I will be watching out for them.


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