uni week 11

This week I was not on campus, but at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre attending the CRCA Conference. This forms part of the largest assignment for our Science Communication Strategies unit.

My role at the conference was to record the plenary session speakers and upload them to the CRCA Conference web site. I had the satisfaction of uploading all the MP3s to the web site. I recorded and edited all but one, so it was a busy time for me.

I have already wrote about Mr Anthony S. K. Wong and Dr Byung-in Choe. Over the next few days, I hope to prepare Ogg Vorbis files and link to the MP3s on the CRCA Conference web site for the other keynote speakers too.

Although not required, I recorded the Showcasing CRC Early Career Scientists plenary session. There were four researchers with slides who spoke for ten minutes each, and five researchers without slides who spoke for three minutes each. All were excellent speakers on very interesting topics. I’m currently seeking permission of the speakers and their managers to upload the talks so that everyone can share the enthusiasm they have for their scientific research and chosen field. I will upload these talks if and when they become available.

Participating in the conference was worth 10%, now to write up the report that contributes another 30% to our final grade.


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