CRCA 2007: Innovative Digital Convergence and its Implementation Steps for Clinical Practice and Research; the Pros and Cons

Dr B I Choe, MBS, LL.M, PhD, Director, Office of Strategic Planning & Policy, Chief, International Affairs Division, Research Associate, Bioethics, Clinical Trail Centre, Samsung Medical Centre, Seoul, Korea. [16 May 2007, CRCA Conference]

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The second Plenary speaker this morning was Dr Byung-in Choe on Innovative Digital Convergence and its Implementation Steps for Clinical Practice and Research; the Pros and Cons.

Dr Choe provided some background about Korea and the Samsung Medical Centre (SMC) before giving a whirlwind overview of the successful implementation of an integrated communications systems at the SMC.

From the speaker abstract:

The Centre’s subsequent establishment and development of the Clinical Trial Centre (CTC) is one of its more recent successful experiences to come from improved time efficiencies. In recognition of this fact, SMC finally won the first international full accreditation institution in 2006 by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP), the only human research subject program accreditation body in the United States. The implementation strategy and assessment of research integrity by international standards is now considered to be a core measure of the Centre’s success.

The presentation was fast paced providing many examples of the hardware and software tools used by the medical staff. The staff being more time efficient within conventional working hours was emphasised. This was achieved with the adoption of new PDAs and wireless notebooks used by the medical staff that were fully integrated with the medical centre’s communications system providing image processing and medical information anywhere within the centre.

SMC was the first medical centre to implement Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Other technologies showcased included electronic medical records, protocol tracking systems, video conferencing, and mobile communications.

Dr Choe interspersed his presentation with philosophy and good humour to illustrate and complement the technology.

I think anyone interested in a paperless medical centre and wishes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of hospital records and administration, can look to the Samsung Medical Centre as a golden example. The pros and cons of the integrated communications system were well described from Dr Choe’s own experience.


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