Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRCA) Conference – setup

I caught the bus into Perth today to meet with Greg Lawrence, Communications Officer, CRC LEME. The bus pulled into the City Busport right next to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, the venue of the CRCA Conference. A taxi could not of done any better, as the taxi bays are located in the busport.

Greg has set up our recording desk alongside the sound desk. I ran through the process of:

  • using Audacity to record the signal from a radio plugged into a mixer channel
  • using Audacity, cropped and Normalised the file, and exported to .wav
  • using YAMP, converted the .wav to a .mp3
  • copied the .mp3 to a USB stick to take to the Media Room for uploading to the internet

Unfortunately, the computers for the Media Room had not arrived, so we did not run through testing that process. Also, the sound guys weren’t there, so we were unable to tune the mixer for that signal. It’s plugged in ready to go though. We have 45 minutes before the first plenary speaker, so hopefully we will get that sorted then. Looks like an early start for me tomorrow 🙂


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