audacity of science communication

Today Michael and I met with Greg Lawrence, Communications Officer, CRC LEME to be shown what was required to create a podcast of the plenary speakers at the 12th Annual Cooperative Research Centres Association Conference in Perth next week. This forms part of our third assignment for the Science Communications Strategies unit at UWA.

I was delighted to find that we will be using Audacity and YAMP for the recording, editing, and encoding.

While I have presented 1000s of hours of training in free and open source software, this is the first time I have been the recipient of any such training, and I was eager and very excited. Can’t you tell 🙂

Previously I have used Audacity to edit a voice over (my own) that was recorded in a sound studio at UWA. This was simply selecting the ‘best’ sections and cutting to suit, to be added to a short video documentary.

Greg is going to set up the recording equipment prior to the conference. Michael and I will join him to test the system prior to the conference starting on Wednesday 16 May. Then, during the conference; record the plenary speakers, edit and encode the recording, and upload to the conference web site.

The theme of the conference is “Driving Innovation Through Cooperative Research”, and there are eight plenary speakers.

Biographies and some abstracts are available from the conference web site:

Apart from using free or open source software in order to complete an assignment at UWA, it will be interesting to see and hear what a lot of the CRCs and researchers at these institutions do. I’m pleased that I can make the time available to attend, and I’m looking forward to the conference.


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