pineapple top

Having tipped it out of the earth worm factory [1], the pineapple top was lying around the garden for months. I picked it up again with the thought to plant it when I read the Grow-A-Long–Pineapple forum thread on You Grow Girl.

I planted the pineapple top in some left over orchid potting mix and mulch left over from the front garden.

Unfortunately, I was a little careless when pressing down to plant. So what is ‘planted’ is the top of the pineapple top. I’ve put the bottom of the pineapple top in another pot just in case that is the part that will grow.

[1] I didn’t expect the earthworms to eat the pineapple top. I was just lazy one day and to quickly tidy up the back garden, put the pineapple top in the worm factory.


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