in the race

TUX 500 banner

Linux is to join a motor car race, the Indianapolis 500.

The Indianapolis 500 is not just a one day affair. According to the 2007 Indianapolis 500 Schedule, the opening yesterday begins a three week long event that is culminates in Race Day.

Radio, television, and print media have been publishing news about the 91st Indianapolis 500 since March, but it looks like it is really starting to ramp up now with announcements from media outlets advertising their programming for the next three weeks.

Tux 500 team‘s ultimate goal is to raise $350,000 or more to attain primary sponsorship rights to a car in the Indianapolis 500. This means not only “Team Linux” and logo on the car’s sidepod, but the team name in all the program material.

Donations up until May 21 will be accepted.

The number of Linux users has been estimated to be 30 – 40 million. The Tux 500 team have indicated that if just 1% of Linux users were to donate $1.50, then primary sponsorship rights are very likely.

It is not every day that you get asked to sponsor a race car, and I think this would appeal to people who don’t know anything about Linux. For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can point to the car and count yourself as one of the supporters.

I am based in Western Australia and I don’t have a television. But I know several friends and family who are not interested in sports, but will watch motor car racing.

Also, I use two cotton shopping bags that contained the swag from 2005. I get asked about the penguin on the outside pocket just about every time I go shopping. This is not really a conversation starter 🙂 But I’m sure quite a lot of people would be interested if I tell them that the same penguin that is on my shopping bag (and t shirts) is on a race car in the Indianapolis 500.


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