tools for women

Gardening Tips ‘N’ Ideas posted an article a little while ago about gardening tools for women. I didn’t take too much notice of it at the time, except to bookmark the DIY Woman site.

I know that I often have difficulty handling tools that I need to use to renovate our home and in the garden, as they are designed for taller people and those with larger hands. For example, I cannot use some tools effectively because of my small hands as I cannot grip the handle of a hammer, trowel, or pair of pliers. DIY Woman provides gardening and hand tools designed for smaller hands and are specifically marketed to women.

I was in Jaycar last Saturday as a hanger on to H who was getting some parts to refurbish our dishwasher. They have quite a different approach to marketing to women. Simply make them pink. Ugh! See their 3 piece gardening tool set with pouch and stainless steel pink multi-tool set. There was also a tool case, with similarly coloured tools suitable for an IT tech. Apart from the sick looking pastel pink, the tools were just ‘normal size’ tools. Nothing special.

Having been in the role of an IT sys admin, consultant, and tech, I can tell you now that walking in with these tools, especially into a new client premises, would have diminished any professional credibility I had. While I like colours other than grey, black, and beige, simply colouring tools ‘girly’ pink is simply not going to offer any practical or aesthetic reason for me to purchase these tools.

Also, I prefer tools to be colours other than grey, black, beige, or even green because I can easily spot them in the garden, office, or client premises. The green painted hand tools that have had to remain in the garden until I rediscovered their whereabouts are now rusty.


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