April reads

Running Book

I read only two books this month. This is due partly to the amount of reading required for my university assignments. The other reason is that with both books I wanted them to last as long as possible as they were such an enjoyable read.

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Snow Falling on Cedars David Guterson

A court-room drama beautifully interwoven with reflections by the major characters.

One of my favourite excerpts is when two children are trying to convince the other of what they know of the ocean.

“The two of them sat side by side in the shallows, facing out toward the expanse of the ocean, kelp draped across their legs. ‘It goes forever,’ said Ishmael. ‘There’s more water than anything in the world.’
‘It ends somewhere,’ answered Hatsue. ‘Or it just goes around and around.’
‘That’s the same thing. It’s forever.
‘There’s a shore somewhere right now where the the tide is up,’ explained Hatuse. ‘And that’s the end of the ocean.’
‘It doesn’t end. It meets another one and pretty soon the water is back and it all mixes together.’
‘Oceans don’t mix,’ said Hatsue. ‘They’re different temperatures. They have different amounts of salt.’
‘They mix underneath,’ said Ishmael. ‘It’s all really just one ocean.’ He lay back on his elbows, draped a strand of seaweed across his thighs, and settled in again.
‘It’s not one ocean,’ said Hatsue. ‘It’s four oceans — Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic. They’re different from each other.’
‘Well, how are they different?’
‘They just are.’ Hatsue lay back on her elbows beside him and let her hair fall behind. ‘Just because,’ she added.
‘That’s not a good reason,’ Ishmael said. ‘ The main thing is water is water. Names on a map don’t mean anything. Do you think if you were out there in a boat and you came to a another ocean you’d see a sign or something? It — ‘
‘The color would change, I’ve heard that,’ said Hatsue. ‘The Atlantic Ocean is brown, sort of, and the Indian Ocean is blue.’
‘Where’d you hear that?’
‘I don’t remember.’
‘It isn’t true.’
‘Yes, it is.’

Veronica Nicholas Christopher

Christopher has written other fiction, but also books of poetry. This novel read like a dream that sometimes I didn’t want to wake up from, and other times, it quite understandably would be a nightmare. I will look out for other books by this author.

I’m currently reading Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault. I’m not enjoying this so much, especially after my April reads. It is very historical and jam packed with Greek mythology and history. I’ve only read a few chapters, and I’m already a little more than weary of who did what to which family or family member and which battle or war, with either gods or men.


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