you know it’s cold when …

Shelby is to be found in her cosy cat house.

For Perth, Western Australia, anything below 10 deg C starts to feel cold if I’m inside and not moving around much. Time to get out the jumpers, slippers, warmer shoes, and that extra blanket.

Thanks to brother, we have a stack of firewood. He demolished a room and pergola for a mate, and dropped the wood (mostly jarrah) at our place.

The jarrah that was full of white ants we left on the verge. The black ants immediately moved in and started to carry off the white ants to their nest. Next morning, there were still some white ants in these pieces of wood so H sprayed it before putting it in the rubbish bin.

H put some jarrah aside as materials for our own house renovation, the rest was sawed to length to go in our fire.

Before we can light the fire though, I’ll have to clear all the sedimentary layers that have made it from my desk onto the floor around the fire. A fire is nice, but sometimes it is easier to just put on another jumper.


2 thoughts on “you know it’s cold when …

  1. Most if not all the cat pillows and houses that I have purchased have not been used other than by me placing cats on and in the furniture. I gave up and don’t buy them anymore.

    This house was offered to me, and I accepted because our two other cats each have their own pillows [1]. Shelby walked right into the cat house herself and claimed it.

    I washed the cat house a few months ago and had never got round to putting it a way.

    Shelby has started being found in it often, so I’ll leave it where it is – on a shelf below a bench. It is off the ground, and she can also check out everyone going past.

    I do think it is because the weather has got a bit cool for her. It may also be because we have started to shut the door to the bedroom so she can’t snuggle our doona 🙂

    [1] The pillows were obtained through a loyalty programme with the brand of biscuits that we get. Bright pink. I’m sure the cats have adopted them because they definitely don’t fit with any of the decor 🙂

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