nuclear problems

There’s a mood saying we need a lot of different energy resources, and I think that’s true to some extent, but the rules have changed, and the rules are that we have to have things that are big enough to do the job and they have to be extremely, extremely clean; no carbon pollution whatsoever. Nuclear has problems. If we adopt the same technology we’ve got now, it runs out of fuel before we’ve even started practically in about 50 years. We can operate at the same rate, and in 50 years all the fuel, even the warhead fuel, if you were convert it back into fuel, has gone. So that’s not really an option, that’s not serious. That’s just trying to support a local industry that wants to be supported at the moment, but it’s not really looking at the problem.

David Mills, Chairman Solar Heat and Power on the Science Show, 10 February 2007.

Political parties on nuclear:


One thought on “nuclear problems

  1. At current prices and current reserves uranium may peak in 50 to 100 years. However, if you were to pay 10 times more for it (which would do little to increase the cost of power production) and actually start prospecting for it (whch hasn’t been done in earnest for 20 years or more) the uranium supply is much greater. If you were to use plutonium breed from U238, it is virtually endless. Then there is Thorium. This element can be breed to produce U233 which when utilized produces very little transuranic waste. It is more abundant than uranium, about the same concentration in the crust as lead or tin, and has the potential for a much higher burn up. We have tons of it sitting around in partially pure form all over the world. Add Thorium into the mix and I would say that nuclear has a much better staying power than the author suggest.

    I wouldn’t post this under science, it has very little to do with science, could you move it to a religion section instead?

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