My patch of gladioli now welcome everyone coming up the front path.

The gladioli were started with five corms planted by Italian neighbour Peter.

Peter was a keen gardener, and encouraged me to try propagating plants, especially those that produced fruit and flowers. He definitely had a green thumb, as he used to grow trees from bits of branch or twigs, by grafting them onto other trees and bushes. His enjoyment of colour far surpassed my own, and I was disappointed when the large purple pompom dahlias (also planted by Peter) did not appear one year, amongst the orange red gladioli.

Also, I miss our ‘discussions’ about what is real Italian oregano and how much tomato sauce they bottled from making it in the copper. The sauce used to last Peter and his wife all year, so they were careful to grow what ingredients they needed, and although we often got a sample, we never discovered their secret recipe.

I have tied the gladioli away from the path so I can actually get my bike past them. When they are finished, I will definitely have to move them further into the garden away from the path. I did move some to under the frangipani tree, but I may have moved them at a bad time (January), as they certainly have not flourished like the original patch. Perhaps they will flower near the time the everlastings appear.

It has been one week exactly since I spread the everlasting seeds. I’ll wait two weeks before I start trying to determine whether the green stuff coming up is everlasting seedlings or something else. I can definitely identify some weeds, especially the winter grass so I’ll have to keep on top of that. About the most activity that has happened here in the last week is the result of the snail killer pellets.


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