preparation for everlasting

Today I scattered the everlasting seeds from the WA Naturalists’ Club that I purchased while visiting Envirofest 2007.

I received planting instructions and tips with the seeds for Western Australian conditions, which I somewhat followed:

  • Everlasting seeds prefer sandy open ground

No problem, sandy and open it is.

  • Will accept pot plant situations
  • Plant after first autumn shower – usually April

Planted today (Anzac Day) and we have had a couple of showers before now.

  • Lightly rake surface


  • Sprinkle seeds on disturbed earth


  • Lightly cover with soil and press down

Sort of moved the rake around again. The only pressing down would have been with my feet.

  • Scatter snail pellets around area


  • Shoots appear within one week

Will cross my fingers and toes.

  • Usually no further action required

That’s the type of plants I like 🙂


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