curiosity and a cat

Shelby had her rotten right incisor successfully removed last Friday and is now definitely more than her previous self. She only has today and tomorrow to go on the antibiotics tablets, and then its back to just the regular Fortekor and Neo Mercazole. I’m sure Shelby will be as pleased as I am 🙂

I had hoped to write a how-I-did-it with Flock, but either there is a whole lot about blogging and social browsing I don’t get (which is quite possible), or I’m missing a huge chunk of documentation.

Clipping and offering opinion, browsing and commenting, and sharing bookmarks, photos, etc I can see is possible, but authoring a lot of original content (text and images) to post using Flock is somewhat evading me at the moment.

I’ve taken screen shots as I went, just in case the documentation is missing and it’s not that I just haven’t found it yet. Unless I have some sort of epiphany in the meantime, these articles will be created offline and posted to directly.

I never did find out whether curiosity killed the cat.

Blogged with Flock


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