uni week 07

Open book

I thought that it was week 7 last week. My unit outline indicated Easter Friday, but not the Study Break (non-teaching week). So two weeks later, it is uni week 7.

Having submitted my first assignment, I was onto my second assignment this week. This has included lots of reading about nanotechnology, how to assess public attitudes to issues, and market research.

Next week, I need to start organising my thoughts better to actually design the ‘market research instrument’, and writing my report. An oral presentation and written report are due in two weeks. Eek!

I attended for the first time two peer learning groups that were offered by UWA as part of Learning, Language and Research Skills at Study Smarter. Both Tuesday’s Conversation Circle and Thursday’s UniSpeakers Club were interesting and fun, as well as a good opportunity to practise speaking.

The lecture and tutorial sessions today was presented by a guest lecturer from Scitech, Perth’s science centre. Malcolm Moore is the Director of Excitement (yes, really!) and talked to us today about marketing, publicity and promotion. The general or basic marketing principles were peppered with personal anecdotes from his extensive experience mainly in the arts and education sectors, but also ‘how we do it’ with regard to marketing at Scitech.

Malcolm’s experience and presentation was a whole lot more interesting than what could have been a stock standard boring basic marketing lecture. But then again, he was talking about science as well as marketing, so perhaps that is what made all the difference 🙂


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