two catches in one day

Running Book

I haven’t had an email message pertaining to a BookCrossing journal entry to say that someone has caught a book of mine — for ages.

Two books were wild released on Tuesday, and both have been journaled. Yay! One by AnonymousFinder and the other by zum (a new BookCrossing member).

75 books out of 322 released, means that my catch rate is 23% Pretty good methinks.

I thought that BookCrossing would reduce the number of books around the house. I’m beginning to think that books are like grains of sand. You start digging and piling up the books, and the hole and pile of books appears to just get bigger.


2 thoughts on “two catches in one day

  1. I heard about that website ages ago and had completely forgotten about them. Must check back now that you have reminded me. I have just about a zillion books that I could release. It’s no fun boxing them all up for a move. I will release them and then start again.


    And no I have never found a book but then, I guess I haven’t been looking either!!

  2. Registering and labelling books for releasing requires effort, just like boxing up books – but it’s a lot more fun.

    If you want to hunt for BookCrossing books, follow the link to the Go Hunting pages. This link and others are displayed in the left navigation bar of the site.

    I signed up for the alerts (see link at top of each of the Go Hunting pages), and have successfuly found one book so far 🙂

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