travelling books have now got a map

Running Book
They are popping up over here, over there, everywhere. A new use for Google Maps. What fun!

BookCrossing has incorporated the Google Maps API with live book catches and releases data. No direct link, but go to and click the link in the top centre of the page labelled ‘Click here to follow BookCrossing books around the world’.

The book catches and releases popping up on a map is fun, but I agree with most of the comments in the Try out the new “Catches & Releases” feature forum thread along the lines of “It’s kinda fun to watch at first, but I think I like the books in the sidebar better.

I expect updating the catches and releases in the sidebar is more intensive than displaying them on a Google map. It would be really cool if we could have both. But I guess that’s eat one’s cake and have it too.


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