itch to scratch

OK, I could not bear it any longer. I had to tweak the Wikipedia Numbat page.

I was going to do it anonymously, but then I noticed that something else needed editing on the page. I could do all changes anonymously, but the item that I still feel the need to change, as opposed to my addition which was straight forward, has already attracted a wee bit of discussion.

So I now I have a Wikipedia account.

Once I have got some work and my current assignment out of the way, I will ‘proceed’ to fix the anomaly. That is, under the Reproduction heading, a previous Wikipedia editor refers to a ‘pouch’.

What I have learnt from the research for my assignment, and interviewing a Perth Zoo Docent and Senior Numbat Keeper of the Native Species Breeding Program at the Perth Zoo, is that numbats don’t have a pouch. They have a swelling that the young attach to and suckle, and at best can be referred to as a fold or folds of skin. The young numbats just seem to hang in there.

Numbat suckling young
Numbat suckling young.
Source: Perth Zoo Native Species Breeding Program Numbat brochure.

I don’t see any evidence of a pouch surrounding the teats. So even though numbats are marsupials, they do not have a pouch.

Vicki Power, Senior Numbat Keeper said that when they formed Project Numbat, and on checking online references to numbats that there were a number of web resources that were inaccurate and just plain wrong. Hopefully, I can contribute in a small way by improving the accuracy of Wikipedia by consulting with experts such as Vicki and providing supporting evidence or references.

After all, it is our state mammal emblem.


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