scientific version of the grand tour

Tux onboard

Tux and I went on what could be considered the scientific version of the Grand Tour. Only what is different is that it commenced in October 2000 and lasted only just over three weeks.

My birthday was in September and I was gifted Tux 🙂 In October, when we set off for Rome, Tux accompanied us on The New Scientist History of Science Tour to Europe with Robyn Williams. It was H’s birthday present to himself. And instead of using the funds we had saved for a piano, Tux and I accompanied H to the Northern Hemisphere to see all things science.

And yes, it’s only now, nearly seven years later, that I’m beginning to sort out these photographs from many others that are stacked up in various bags and boxes. It also gives me the opportunity to have a sort out and organise the various tickets, brochures, maps, and catalogues from the trip.

I’m hoping to put our photographs online, so that I can document our first whirlwind tour through Europe, a history of science tour of Rome, Florence, Venice, Augsburg, Prague, London, Cambridge, Oxford, and with many side trips on the way. A history of science tour at the turn of the century.


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