the Jones

It’s a Jones, not a Singer. Shows you how long ago that I even looked at the three pieces that make up the treadle sewing machine table.

Jones sewing machine table pieces

We recently got a table and two chairs for our front porch so that we could have breakfast and coffee out in the morning sun. There are plant stands and a two-tiered shelving unit that go with the table setting, but our budget put these items in the nice to have list.

Then I remembered that we still hadn’t put a top on the treadle sewing machine table that was sandblasted and gloss powder-coated years and years and years ago.

Flushed with the recent success of finishing one project, I’m now investigating whether I can do a mosaic similar to that of the breakfast table.

First, I need to decide the size and shape of the top. Thinking about rectangular, but will probably do a bit of Googling to hopefully find the size of the original cabinet for guidance.

Second, I need to make up a materials list. I remembered H was reluctant to assemble the parts when I asked before as he wanted to use stainless steel bolts, and there was a bit of wood that was attached to the peddle or wheel. Not sure whether we have still got this somewhere, but I think there was discussion about turning a new one. I wondered how much I really need the table in ‘working order’ to have a mosaic tile top so that we could use it as a sideboard or extension of the breakfast table.

Materials list so far:

  • stainless steel bolts
  • bit of wood – that goes somewhere
  • fibre cement sheet – to do the tiling on
    There is a piece covering a hole (where the bath shower was) in the old bathroom that may do, but I want to decide on the size first. Besides I’ll have to find something to cover up the hole in the floor too.
  • tiles
  • cement – purchased table does not use tiling grout, but grey cement
  • mild steel edging – this is powder coated matt black on the table

For the moment, I have moved the three pieces of the treadle sewing machine table from the green room to the blue room. Which means, it has progressed from being stored to getting in the way 🙂


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