five pots

The bottom of the concrete pots are marked ‘L.M.’ (initials of my Step-Grandad) and ‘1974’. It feels good to have given these old pots a new life 33 years after they were made.

When choosing five colours (because I had five concrete pots), I knew that I wanted the three primary colours; red, blue, and yellow. Choosing two other colours was not too difficult, as I could discard green outright being as there were many shades of green already in the garden. From the remaining secondary colours (that I can make from mixing the primary colours), I can make violet and orange.

Across the front of the porch I could fit three pots, and up the side two pots. So I have positioned red, blue, and yellow across the front, and violet and orange up the side.

Five Concrete Pots

Painted concrete garden pots containing (from left to right), Lovage, Chives, Greek Oregano, French Sorrel, and Perpetual Spinach.

I had to swap the French Sorrel from the red pot into the violet, as there is more shade on the side of the porch in the afternoon. The front of the porch, i.e. the red, blue, and yellow pots will be in the afternoon sun for most of the day.


4 thoughts on “five pots

  1. I’ve really been enjoying seeing pictures of the pots on linuxchix live as you finished them, but I didn’t realise how pretty they’d look all put together! Thanks for sharing this photo. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say that the pots look great, I bet all visitors to your garden comment on them 🙂

    I’ve also bookmarked your blog and will make sure to check back regularly you really have some great posts.



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